5 Hot Electronics Gifts Flagged by Consumer Reports Holiday Shopping Poll The number 1 choice: video games, which were bought as gifts by 28 percent of respondents, and hopefully 100 percent of my friends and family. [Consumer Reports Electronics]


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  1. ElizabethD says:

    This list makes me feel like a dodo. (The kind that is extinct.) We’ve never had any electronic games of any kind in our household, from Gameboy to Playstation. The only one I would remotely consider — but for myself, not the kids LOL — is Wii, to get some exercise during the snow/icebound months.

    I do wish someone would give me a little video camera, though. I’d love to learn to edit digitally. My birthday’s in a couple of weeks, so if any of you is feeling generous… ha ha ha ha.

    • Keavy_Rain says:

      @ElizabethD: If you’re looking for an all-in-one device, I’d recommend an iPod Nano.

      I picked one up last night, as my four-year old iPod Classic died. I should have expected it, as it gets 4+ hours of use a day, the HDD’s been grinding, the battery wouldn’t hold a charge, and it stopped showing video.

      I played around with its video recording last night and its got a decent camera and microphone. Granted, its nowhere near the quality of an actual camcorder (which you may be looking to get) but I like it.

      As for camcorders, my best advice is to avoid the ones that record straight to DVD and unless your computer has a dual core processor with 3+GHz and 4+GB of RAM with a lot of open HDD space, you won’t find the added cost of a “Full HD” camcorder of much use. Sure, you can record the video in “Full HD,” but you’ll be editing in SD. Plus, “Full HD” requires Blu-Ray to fully appreciate.

      P.S. I’m generous, but not THAT generous.

  2. ZoeSchizzel says:

    We (our ENTIRE EXTENDED FAMILY of about 30) have never owned any gaming system. Computers — yes, one per person on average. Guitar or other musical instrument — yes, one per person on average. Geesh, I waste enough time playing spider solitaire on a crappy computer interface. I can’t imagine what sort of time suck a sophisticated game system would prove to be.

    • jamar0303 says:

      @ZoeSchizzel: Personal experience says “it’s a time suck until you don’t want it to be one anymore”. I have a Wii. Modded it, installed programs to do all sorts of things. Now it sits gathering dust while I get busy working my way through college courses in my second language (technically my first due to family origin, but for all practical purposes I’m better at English than Chinese; I’m not going to stay in a Chinese college forever).