Jobs With The Highest Stress For The Lowest Pay

Are you feeling underworked and overpaid? You very well may be, compared to people in the top 15 most stressful, lowest-paying careers, according to CNN Money rounded these jobs up, and explained why they made the list.

Here are the top 15:

  1. Social worker
  2. Special events coordinator
  3. Probation officer
  4. News reporter
  5. Music ministry director
  6. Membership manager
  7. Fundraiser
  8. Commercial photographer
  9. Assisted living director
  10. Minister
  11. Marriage/family therapist
  12. Curator
  13. Substance abuse counselor
  14. Film/TV producer
  15. High school teacher

What would you add to the list? Besides your own job, of course.

Stressful jobs that pay badly [CNN Money]

(Photo: helgasms!)

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