Customer Gets Payless To Compensate Him For Text Message Spam

Peter was pretty frustrated when Payless Shoesource ignored his two opt-out texts and continued to pester him with SMS spam. His complained via email and got taken off their list, but then he decided to see if he could get back the money those texts cost him.

I had been receiving text messages from Payless Shoes about special offers. I remember giving out my number to them (I know, I dont know why I did) but they never mentioned anything about text messages. Here’s a letter I sent to them. I admit I was a little mean, but I was annoyed.

Dear Payless,

Please Stop sending me text messages. I have “opted out” two times already yet you still send them. My number is also on the do not call list and you are ignoring it.

As a matter of fact getting these so called “offers” actually reminds me NOT to shop in your stores.

To be honest, I would rather tie dead fish to my feet than buy anything at Payless ever again since you keep sending me these texts and ignore your customers requests.

My number is [redacted], do not send me text messages again.


They sent me this:

Dear Peter,

Thank you for contacting Payless Shoesource.

We apologize that you were inconvenienced by our message. Please rest assured that your comments have been forwarded to our marketing staff.

All of the phone numbers called during this marketing campaign were collected at the time of checkout in our stores. These numbers have not been bought or sold through any outside marketing firms. Your phone number has been removed from the data base.

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback.

Payless Shoesource Customer Support Center

That should have been fine, but I thought about it and well… I got a little snotty with them.


I understand that, and while its good news, I was wondering if Payless will re-pay me my fees for the text messages I received TWICE. I had opted out and got them again.

I think its 5 cents a word and it’s 27 words. Thats $1.35 x 2 = $2.70. Plus I had to text “opt out” and that was an additional 10 cents.

Please, in these tough economic times it would mean a lot to me to pay me back my $2.80, since at NO TIME did your employee tell me BEFORE that my number would be used in this manner. Not to mention you name is “Payless” and I ended up paying $2.80 MORE upon visiting your store.

I’m awaiting your response.


You’re not gonna believe this…

Dear Peter,

Thank you for contacting Payless Shoesource.

I can send you a Payless Shoe Source Gift Card that can be used on and in any U.S. Store. Please reply back with your address if you would like to accept the Gift Card.

Thank you for your time.

Payless Shoesource Customer Support Center

So, Im not sure what the amount is… I’m really hoping it’s for $2.80, but I took the deal. Thought I’d share.

Hey, it never hurts to ask. We’re not sure what insane cellular provider charges Peter 5 cents per word, though.

Update: Peter wrote back to us:

I think you’re right about that pricing. I think it’s $.20 a message. I honestly DON’T text and wasnt sure what it was.

Plus I had a bit of an attitude with them that was a little unwarranted. I’m not sure if is interested but I don’t mean to be a bully, I just dont like spam. So I sent them this letter.

Thanks again!


Thank you for your quick reply. I would like to take this chance to apologize for being rude. You have gone above and beyond and have kept a customer in the process.

Thanks again,

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