A Look Inside Microsoft's First Retail Store

Destructoid’s Conrad Zimmerman hoofed it to the world’s first Microsoft Store in Scottsdale. People actually camped out overnight in order to be the first to get a look inside, which shows you how little there is to do in Arizona.

Zimmerman’s verdict: It’s an Apple Store with Microsoft touches, which is a good thing. He says the place has a clean, futuristic classy feel to it. Perhaps its most impressive innovation is that the store is capable of printing PC games and packaging on demand.

Zimmerman writes:

If you’re more of a PC gamer, you’re likely to be a little bit disappointed at first. There is a small section in the opposite corner with boxed games and accessories, but it pales in comparison to the console offerings. Fortunately, there are six kiosks with touchscreen displays situated throughout the store where shoppers may order PC software and have it printed on-demand in under four minutes.

The store also fixes some broken Xbox 360s on site and if your console needs more work, it ships you a refurbished console immediately.

What do you want to see out of your Microsoft store once the company gets around to opening a location near you?

Inside Microsoft’s First Retail Store [Destructoid]
(Photo: Destructoid)

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