DirecTV Charges Wildfire Victims For Burnt TV Receivers

DirecTV was planning on charging several victims in the largest fire in recorded Los Angeles County history for the satellite TV receivers that burnt to cinders in their homes. “What I’d like to do is take a shovel full of ashes from my cabin and dump it on their desk. They can have their receivers back,” Ken Gray told LAT.

“I told them my house had burned to the ground and that I wouldn’t need DirecTV anymore,” he said. “They said, ‘OK.’ “

But on Oct. 1, Gray saw that DirecTV had withdrawn nearly $280 from his bank account. He immediately called the company to ask what was up.

“They said it was a non-return fee for my two satellite boxes,” Gray recalled. “They said it wasn’t negotiable.”

Luckily Ken Gray got in touch with reporter David Lazarus and the company said that they had neglected to flag Mr. Gray for “special handling.” Fair enough. But why couldn’t the customer service reps had a soul in the first place?

DirecTV customer service leaves Station fire victim feeling burned [LAT] (Thanks to Angela!)

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(Photo: mbtrama)

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