How Can We Determine Who Gave Us This $250 Wedding Present?

UPDATE: The gift-giver’s identity has been discovered! Perhaps this is a better question for Miss Manners than Consumerist, but Chris needs help. See, a beautiful red KitchenAid mixer, an item on his Target wedding registry, arrived via FedEx with no clues as to who sent it. Adding to the confusion, the item doesn’t appear to have come off the registry. Which seems to us to be the entire point of registries.

I was wondering if your group of detectives had any advice for my problem.

See, my fiance and I set up a wedding registry. Lo and behold, today on my front porch was an Empire Red Kitchenaid Stand Mixer shipped via FedEx from The package was shipped without outside box, so it was just in a box like you’d see in a retail store, and had no packing slip. Now, the person who sent this package did not order through the registry, so, we have no idea who sent it and our registry still says “Received 0” for the mixer. I called customer support and they really couldn’t help me. I figured they would be able to look up an order by the destination address, but, that is not possible. We would really really love to send the person who sent us a $250 mixer a thank-you card (and instructions for using a registry), so, any suggestions anyone has to solve this case would be welcome. Thanks!

Any ideas, apart from a visit from the Stand Mixer Fairy?

Here’s an update from Chris:

Hey! Thanks so much! The help from the consumerati lead me to look on the FedEx website for the Reference number and that’s the number Target needed to look up the order. All solved now!!

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