Capital One To Credit Card Applicant: It's Not So Much You, It's Your Area

Capital One denied Ryan a credit card limit increase, explaining the turn-down was due partially to the area in which he lives.

He writes:

I was denied several months ago for a Capital One business card. I needed this extra credit desperately for my small business. One of the reasons given was that credit could not be approved because of “worsening economic conditions in my area”. This is outrageous. It may even constitute redlining, which is illegal in many cases.

I have enclosed a copy of the denial letter for you to review and or post. It clearly shows this language.

The letter states that the other reason for Ryan’s bad news is insufficient pay down of mortgage accounts.

Has anyone else gotten a similar reason for a credit card denial? Do you think this is fair? Or insidious? Ryan’s letter is posted below:


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