Man Twists Amazon's Arm, Gets It To Accept Money It Gave Away

Joshua had a problem with Amazon. He and his wife bought Kindles, broke one and went for a return/exchange, in which the couple ended up with a new Kindle and $300 of Amazon’s money in its account.

Josh called Amazon to get it to accept the money back, but got no response. He tried again and has now hit the opposite of paydirt. Amazon will grudgingly accept its money back. He writes:

I called and spoke to an Amazon representative. Other then the fact that both reps wondered why I would call to report an error in my favor. Eventually it was determined that they would bill me for the improper credit and reclaim the erroneous refund.

I was repeatedly thanked for my honesty regarding the situation. But I did get Amazon to reclaim their rightful money.

It’s good to know that sometimes the little guy can score a victory over an over-generous corporate giant. Let this be a lesson to any Amazon higher-ups who may be reading this: We the consumers have had enough with your money-giving-away shenanigans and won’t stand by idly while this practice goes on. If Josh can beat you, anyone can.

In fact, Amazon, I personally dare you to try to give me $300 and see what happens. Yeah, I went there. Bring it on.

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