iPod Survives Nine-Storey Plunge Into G20 Riots

While leaning out her dorm window to watch some riots — hell, what else is there to do in Pittsburgh? — Bob’s daughter’s iPod decided it’d had enough of this world and took a swan dive into oblivion.

But sure enough, when she scurried down to the pavement to retrieve the device, it was still playing that newfangled rock-and-roll music the kids are listening to these days. Bob writes:

Had to share this story with you: my daughter attends the University of Pittsburgh and lives on a 9th floor dorm. During the recent G-20 riots in Pittsburgh, she was looking out the window to see what was going on. She accidently dropped her iPod Classic out the open window and it fell 9 floors, landing on the asphalt below. Fearing the worse, she immediately went downstairs and was amazed that — even though the corner of the device was dented — the unit turned on and has worked flawlessly ever since!

Thanks Apple!

It’s a stunning story because electronic devices rarely survive the fall from my hip pocket to the floor, let alone from a high-rise into a demonstration.

But even more amazing than the whole iPod-surviving-the-plunge aspect of Bob’s daughter’s iPod was that it was a rare call from a college student to a parent in which the topic was NOT “Send me more money.”

(Photos: tristam sparks, reddevil1)

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