Officials Take Baseball Away From Little Girl Who Sues And Gets It Back

Back in July near Miami, 12-year-old Jennifer came away with Phillies player Ryan Howard’s 200th home run ball. Florida Marlins officials asked her to give up the milestone ball so Howard could autograph it.

Turns out the team pulled the old switcheroo on Jennifer, handing her a polished, new ball autographed by Howard. She didn’t buy the trickery and went home and told her mom, who asked the Phillies for the ball she gave up. After a long struggle, which included a lawsuit, she’s finally gotten the Phillies to back down. CNN reports:

If the girl wants the baseball, Webb continued, contact Howard’s agent, “since the player now has the ball.”

By Monday of this week, with the regular season over and no ball in hand, Kent took the extraordinary measure of suing on behalf of Jennifer. He sought the ball and a judgment “in excess of $15,000.”

The ball was promptly returned.

“Ryan Howard 200th career home run,” it says in capital letters across the ball, now encased.

“My ball,” Jennifer says with a smile.

The Phillies may be the reigning world champs, but they’re no match for Jennifer.

Girl, 12, slugged back at Phillies slugger [CNN]
(Photo: jaredrubinsky)
(Thanks, Lauren!)

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