National Car Rental Nixes Visa Discount With 'Concession Recovery Fee'

An anonymous reader thought he would use his Visa Signature card to snag a $37 discount on his National car rental, but found that the rental company took back $36.99 of the savings with a “concession recovery fee.”

He writes:

My wife and will soon take our vacation on Kauai, HI.

I was about to rent a Jeep from National car rental, and was pleased about the 37 dollar discount I enjoyed as a Visa Signature cardholder. That is, until I noticed that National clawed back this concession in the form of a “concession recovery fee.” (See attached screenshot)

I’m not very pleased about this. And I’m sure Visa wouldn’t be either. National has more of less Nerf-ed my usually delightful Visa Signature perks.

It sounds as though he went with a different company. With his story in mind, be sure to check out line item charges on bills to ensure you’re not getting worked over with hidden fees.