Squishable's Cuddly Customer Service Resolves Website Bug

Jonathon wanted to give his girlfriend the gift of a large, cuddly stuffed animal, but the gift certificate to critter maker Squishable.com was causing strange transaction problems. He called the company up and received not only friendly service, but a free critter upgrade.

A few weeks ago, I purchased an online gift certificate to squishable.com for my girlfriend Ana for her birthday. She e-mailed me and told me that she wanted a Squishable that was one price rank above the gift card and that she had no problem paying the difference. But when she tried, the system was giving her some form of error. So I went online and decided to just place the order for her and this way pay the difference myself. I found that the error she was receiving was the shopping cart rejecting the purchase for no apparent reason. I thought that perhaps since the cost difference was around $8, the system was rejecting an under $10 order.

I contacted Squishable and told them the situation, asking for a possible alternate method of purchase fulfillment. One of their staff got back to me less than 24 hours later, told me they apologize for the problem and will get their programmers examining it immediately. On top of that, the staff member (Aaron) thanked me for pointing out the problem, and credited my gift certificate the difference needed ($8.26). I went to order again, entered the GC code, had a $0 balance and finished the purchase. Now my girlfriend has her Squishable Tortoise and I strongly recommend Squishable.com for those who significant others like incredibly large huggable plushies =)

We’re an equal opportunity site here, Jonathon: a large number of our readers purchase our own incredibly large huggable plushies, too.

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