Robber Walks Through Walmart Receipt Check With $200,000 Cash

You and I can’t get past Walmart’s receipt checks with a 12-pack of toilet paper, but one criminal made it past the greeter with a cart full of cash. $200,000 from the store’s safe, to be precise. How does that happen?

Somehow, this feat was pulled off in Florida back in July. True, Walmart greeters are no substitute for actual security measures, but a combination of social engineering and inside knowledge was behind the success of this heist. Police have been unable to identify the culprit(s) despite having the entire incident on surveillance video.

A criminal dressed as a Walmart supervisor, complete with badge, had the proper combinations to open office doors and the store’s safe, but no store employees admit recognizing the man.

After closing the safe, the burglar carried boxes outside the office and loaded them into his shopping cart. Then he headed for the store exit.

However, a Walmart greeter briefly stopped the cash-rich thief at the door and asked to see his sales receipt.

“The man continued to walk out the store,” the report states. “Upon insisting to see his receipt, the man held up his name badge that said assistant manager and 10 years of service on it.”

The greeter let him pass.

Does this mean that Walmart managers can walk out of the front door with boxes of whatever they can carry and no consequences? That doesn’t seem right, either.

Who stole more than $200,000 at Walmart? [Orlando Sentinel]

(Photo: Brave New Films)

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