Ok, Someone Should Have Thought This VeggieTales Cookie Cutter Through

Reader Aaron was in his local Christian bookstore when he found something, um, interesting. It’s a VeggieTales cookie cutter, right? Let’s all stop for a moment and think about this.

Ok, now that we’ve considered it carefully, let’s hear what Aaron has to say:

So I walked into my local Christian bookstore the other day, just to kill time while at the mall, and I see a rack displaying various Veggitales products. Having once worked in a church nursery, I know of the magical powers contained in those anthropomorphic carrots and cauliflowers. Imagine my surprise when I see this SEEMINGLY innocuous cookie cutter.

Innocent looking at first…but with a simple 90° rotation…..

What the deuce? Will someone please think of the children!

/satirical rant

This is just multitasking. It’s perfect for your kids AND perfect for bachelorette parties. It’s all about the frosting. Ya know?