Office Depot Can't Decide If Assembly Is Free, Or $8

Reader David found this puzzling display at his local Office Depot. On one side, the card says “Free Assembly On All Chairs In Stock,” on the other side, the card claims that a “smart idea” would be to pay $8 to have your chair assembled.

Which is it?

David says:

The attached picture was recently taken at an Office Depot near Dallas, TX. These tall laminated cards are on each office chair on the floor, in those little plastic pockets that hold the pieces of paper you take to the register when you want to buy a chair. One side of the card says:

Free Assembly
On All Chairs In Stock.

The other side of the card says:

smart idea:
Buy a Chair
We’ll Assemble It
for just
Offer valid in store
for in-stock chairs only.
Assembly required.
Ask An Associate for details.

So, when you look at a chair from the side that has the plastic pocket with this laminated card, you see the side with the allegedly smart idea. However, when you look at a chair from the other side, across the top of the chair, you see the side that says “Free Assembly.” I was afraid to ask an associate for details, for fear of being convinced that their smart idea was indeed a smart idea.

It’s probably for the best that you didn’t ask.

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