You Can't Transfer Games To PSP Go Because You Bought Too Many PSPs

Lordnat75 writes on Sony’s tech forum that he can’t re-download his games because he’s owned too many PSPs.

It seems Sony lets you authorize five PSPs per PlayStationNetwork account, and unlike Apple doesn’t offer a convenient, quick way to de-authorize a PSP remotely. You have to call customer service and throw yourself to the mercy of the CSRs, convincing them you’re not letting all your friends download your games. This thread further probes the quandary.

While it may seem outrageous to have purchased more than 5 PSPs, it’s not that much of a stretch, considering the Go is Sony’s fourth iteration of the handheld. So those who have upgraded every year are nudging the borderline, and households with multiple PSPs on the same account would have crossed the threshold a couple generations back.

The extra hassle is yet another ding on the Go, which is overpriced at $250 and doesn’t let gamers play disc-based games.

Activating New PSP Go Problem [Sony]

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