Browns Fan Sues Because Madden Game Shows His Iconic Mask

Cleveland Browns fanatic John “Big Dawg” Thompson, famous for wearing an intimidating bulldog mask in Cleveland’s rowdy Dawg Pound section, is suing Electronic Arts for using his likeness in the Madden NFL 10 video game, several video game blogs are reporting..

It’s not an open-and-shut case for Thompson.

The New York Times reports a Los Angeles federal court threw out Jim Brown’s lawsuit against EA, ruling EA has a First Amendment right to put a player with similarities to Brown in the game.

EA is also fighting off a lawsuit against former Arizona State and Nebraska quarterback Sam Keller over using the likenesses of college athletes in games. Plus, a boxer licensing group is also in on the let’s-all-sue-EA action.

Do you think Big Dawg deserves his bone?

Dgo-faced football fan suing EA for Madden likeness theft [Destructoid]
(Photo: GamePro)

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