How To Cut The Cable/Satellite Cord And Remain A Couch Potato

We’ve written about ways to cancel satellite or cable and still be able to watch a ton of shows before, an spotted this nifty refresher, posted back in June, from the Christian money blog Bible Money Matters.

Pete, the blog’s author, recommends the following ingredients to bake your no-cable sweet couch potato pie:

* TV: A TV to watch your shows on! – Cost: Free (you probably already have one)

* Playon Software: This software that can be found at (this site) and allows you to stream online video from popular services like, straight to your TV through a networked media device (see below). – Cost: One time fee of $39.99 (there is a 14 day free trial)

* Networked Media Device – Like Our Xbox 360 (list of Playon supported DLNA-compliant networked media devices): You can get a brand new Xbox 360 for around $200 nowadays, sometimes cheaper if you buy used or refurbished. Tons of other networked media devices are compatible as well including Playstation 3 and HP Mediasmart TVs. Soon it should work on the Nintendo Wii as well. Check the link above to see if your device is supported. – Cost: Free-$200 (depends on if you have one of these already)

* Video Streaming Services: There are tons of online video streaming services like, Netflix,, Youtube, Comedy Central, HGTV, and ESPN that support the Playon software! The software also now supports plugins, so additional channels are appearing all the time including the Food Network, NBA/NFL content, and others! – Cost: Free

Pete’s setup costs a little more than $100 a year, but would be free if he dropped Netflix.

What do you, or at least consider doing, do to avoid stuffing $60 a month into Comcast’s pockets?

Ways To Watch TV Without Paying An Arm And A Leg For Cable Or Satellite [Bible Money Matters]
(Photo: The Joy of the Mundane)

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