Amazon Does A Solid For Student Who Suffered Bungled Textbook Orders

Robert ordered a defective textbook from Amazon, which let him return the book outside its 30-day return policy. Amazon let him do so without trouble, but that wasn’t even the coolest thing the e-tailer did for him. When Robert received the next book, with the same defect — it too was missing codes he needed for his lab — he decided to go to the school bookstore to buy a copy with the codes he needed. The CSR told Robert he could keep the second book and gave him a full refund. He writes:

She was not only so nice as to do better then the 50% she offered be a full refund of over $125 outside the return period, told me I can keep the 2nd book they sent me for my issues (she suggested donating to a library or giving to a friend), as well as processing the refund BEFORE I even send back the copy they do want back.

So Amazon in my opinion has gone well above and beyond not only trying to get me the book again next day, but offering me a full refund outside their policy, and letting me keep an extra copy! So I wanted to say great job with customer service Amazon and keep it up.

It’s up for debate exactly what use a second copy might have to Robert, but it was still a nice, courteous move by Amazon. Instead of being bitter that Amazon sent him two defective books, screwing up his schoolwork, Robert is gushing about the company. CSR managers take note.

(Photo: Tengaport)

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