Cruisers Say Carnival Failed To Deliver Wine, Searched Cabin After They Complained

An anonymous couple wrote in to tell us about how they ordered a couple bottles of wine on a Carnival cruise, but were dismayed to find only one had been delivered. After they complained at the service desk and got their wine, they returned to their cabin to find a Carnival employee searching their cabin, telling them she was following policy.

The couple’s story:

We would like to make you aware of an experience we had with Carnival Cruise Lines. In June 2009, we took our very first cruise in celebration of our 30th wedding anniversary. The very first evening, we visited the gift shop and made two separate purchases of alcohol, we were advised that the goods would be held and delivered to our cabin the very last evening prior to debarkation.

That last evening, when we returned to our cabin, we noticed a box had been left inside the cabin. We proceeded to open it and found that only one of the purchases had been delivered so we immediately called the service desk to inquire about the second purchase; we were then told that the gift shop was closed for the evening and to contact them again the next morning prior to debarking.

Early next morning first thing we did was to visit the service desk, after a very long wait and many phone calls conducted by their representative; we received our two bottles of Amarula. We then hurried back to our cabin to get our belongings so that we could proceed to debark. As we approached our cabin, we found one of the cruise employees inside our cabin going through our belongings — when asked why she was there, she proceeded to say that it was procedure and that she needed to find the two bottles of Amarula claimed to have never been received.

Being extremely upset a letter was sent to Mr. Cahill, Carnival’s CEO, a very short reply to our letter was received a few weeks later from one of their Guest Care representatives. We do not feel our concerns were addressed; we have tried contacting Carnival through e-mails and have been completely ignored. As we mention in our letter, we understand they cater to people from all walks of life; however, we are not accustomed to having our honesty questioned and feel our privacy was totally violated.

The situation could have been handled professionally by communicating with us, we would have had no problem agreeing to the cabin search had an explanation been provided. We also wonder if this practice is legal – what was to be a wonderful experience left us feeling totally violated. Thank you.

Has anyone had a similar experience of chicanery on the high seas?

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