Target's Sale Fail

For awhile now (since at least 2007) we’ve been posting pictures of mindboggling Target price tags. We’re starting to wonder if we’re actually encouraging them. We got two of these today.

Exhibit A:

Alex says:

I’ve never sent anything in like this before, but I saw this price tag at my local Target in Orlando, FL and it immediately reminded me of the countless Target articles, displaying their screwed up price tags, on the site.

So was it $13.99 before? Or not? The world may never know.

Exhibit B:
Bridget says:

Attached is a picture I took at our favorite place for goofs – Target.

Their “exciting” new Up & Up brand cleaning wipes appear to be on sale for $2.01, but the regular price tag states they are, in fact, $1.74.

And if that wasn’t enough, when I purchased them, they rang up at $1.54.

I dunno, guys. Maybe Target just likes being on the site.

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