Man Puts Deposit Down On Used Car, Backs Out, Can't Get Money Back

Back in April, Nait put a $500 refundable deposit down on a used car, then decided he didn’t want to buy it anymore when he found it needed $10,000 in repairs. Five months later, neither the dealership nor Capital One, will refund his money. He gives a blow-by blow here.

Nait says Capital One no longer returns his calls on the matter, although it did give him an interesting counter-offer.

Nothing and no-how. They just flat out don’t answer my calls, respond to voicemails, or return my e-mails anymore. None of them do. Capital One is of no help whatsoever. They did offer to let me put a custom picture on my
credit card, though.

Sounds like it’s Executive Email Carpet Bomb time. And if that doesn’t work he may need to file a lawsuit.

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(Photo: smcgee)

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