Cash4Gold Drops Consumerist From Lawsuit

Cash4Gold has dropped Consumerist as a defendant in the lawsuits against ex-employees Michelle Liberis and Vielka Nephew.

There was no settlement. The decision was unilateral; we did not ask to be dropped and we didn’t agree to anything in exchange. All our posts, like our feature investigation into the company’s business practices, The Article Cash4Gold Doesn’t Want You To Read, or the post that started it all, “10 Confessions Of A Cash4Gold Employee,” remain published. However, Cash4Gold, run by CEO Jeff Aronson, pictured at left, continues to sue Liberis and Nephew. The two women have legal representation in Florida. It’s a case that, as we’ve reported, has implications for whether ordinary people can safely use the internet to criticize corporations and other organizations with much bigger legal budgets. As such, we’ll keep you informed about developments in the whistleblowers’ case, and the world of mail-in gold buyers at large.

See the notice for dropping us here. (PDF)

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