AT&T Robocalls Me Again For No Apparent Reason

Wow – just got another robocall from AT&T telling me that it was an important message and that I should call them. Either something is wrong with my account that yesterday’s CSR couldn’t figure out, or something is wrong with AT&T. Either way, annoying.

UPDATE: It seems there may have been lag in billing systems. Though it said zero balance when I checked online a few days ago, it has now updated to show this month and duhn duhn last month’s unpaid bill. I didn’t pay the bill last month because it also said then that I had a zero balance. There must be a definite lag problem that’s not just me because otherwise the CSR yesterday would have told me that I had to pay up, instead of suggesting I take advantage of a free upgrade for my iPhone 3GS… Brad the friendly AT&T PR rep says he’ll look into it. I declined his help and suggested that he solve the underlying issue for all consumers but not to give my account any special treatment.

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