McDonald's Workers Rescue Marine From Hungry Thug

We assume that the typical, well-prepared, parking-lot kidnapper eats lunch before deciding to look for a victim. But Anthony Gibson clearly wasn’t well-prepared, and that’s a good thing. According to police reports, Gibson kidnapped a Marine from a Georgia Walmart parking lot, and after failing to get any money from him, decided the best thing to do would be to have his would-be victim drive him to McDonald’s. Where the staff recognized him as a frequent customer. And where the Marine was able to ask the drive-through attendant to call the police. Oops.

The incident began when a gun-toting Gibson confronted the Marine, Lance Cpl. Richard Grimes, and demanded that Grimes drive him to a nearby ATM and withdraw some money. Grimes instead checked his balance, and told Gibson he didn’t have enough money in his account to do a withdrawal. That’s when Gibson’s stomach apparently began to rumble. As reported by WTOC in Savannah:

“He started freaking out and demanded that I take him to McDonalds to get food,” said Grimes. “I took him through the drive through and ordered him a Big Mac, fries, and a Hi-C drink and then I drove up to the next window.”

Grimes mouthed “911” to the drive-through attendant, and the assistant manager recognized Gibson as a guy who “usually comes in the restaurant and causes problems for us.” McDonald’s staff told Grimes and Gibson to pull up to the next window and wait for their order. Instead of getting a burger and fries, Gibson was greeted by police, who arrived within three minutes. Grimes credits the McDonald’s staff with saving his life. “If it weren’t for them, I’d probably be dead right now,” he told reporters.

We’re thrilled for Grimes, and have no sympathy for Gibson. But we can’t help wondering about two things. First, what ever happened to the meal Gibson ordered? Grimes paid for it, afterall. And second, Hi-C? What’s that all about?

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