Guy Threatens To Quit Sirius, Gets Free New Radio

When a company is on the ropes, customer service tends to improve. That’s what Chris found when his Sirius XM satellite radio broke and he called to cancel his account.

He writes:

I just want to share the good Customer service i recieved from SiriusXM. I have had satellite radio for a few years and I love it. Well, my radio finally broke. Due to money being tight these days I decided that I would rather just cancel and go back to listening to regular radio. I called the SiriusXM customer service to cancel.You cant cancel online they make you call. Well, the woman went thru the normal verification things with me and then asked me why I was canceling. I told her and she says she is sorry for the hard times and that my radio is broke. She then offered me a new radio and 2 months free service with free shipping. So, no out of pocket money from me. Needless to say, I kept my subscription and will be getting a new radio in the mail in a few days. With all the horrible customer service issues i read about here it is nice to actually get a customer service agent who seems to actually care about the customers.

The whole satellite radio thing seems not to be working out so well, what with the merger of the two former competitors and Sirius’s heavy flirtation with bankruptcy. But while it’s still around, it’s good to know — if Chris’s experience is any indication — that your old satellite radio may have a de facto lifetime warranty.

(Photo: nrivera)

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