Comcast Contractors Caught Disconnecting Competitor's Service Then Peddling Wares

So you’re working as a door-to-door contractor for Comcast, faced with the task of convincing subscribers to a competitor to get Comcastic and net you some commission. So naturally you decide, “why not disconnect their service, then step in and offer my wares when they’ll be more appreciated?”

Unfortunately for you but luckily for your would-be customers, Johnny law does not approve of such tactics. The News-Herald of Panama City, Fla. reports:

Springfield police say that on Sept. 9 Kennedy Cao, 33, interrupted the Springfield Cable service to Myrtle Danley, a Springfield Cable customer and the mother of Commissioner Carl Curti. Danley stalled Cao long enough for Springfield police to arrive, and after Cao confessed to interrupting the service he was arrested and charged with unauthorized tampering with communications services, according to documents released by the Springfield Police Department.

Danley and dozens of other Springfield Cable customers, including Mayor Robert Walker, have had their service disconnected by contractors working for Comcast for the past several weeks, said Springfield Police Chief Phillip Thorne. One customer had her Springfield Cable service cut off four separate times, he added.

So remember, Comcast contractors, win over prospective customers not by tricky, criminal shenanigans, but by preaching about how great Comcast is. Oh, wait…

Comcast, Springfield Cable disagreement leads to arrest [News-Herald]
(Photo: dmuth) (Thanks, Peter!)