Hey Verizon, My 5th FiOS DVR Sucks As Much As The Last 4

Reader David’s FiOS DVR really sucks. Since it’s his 5th one — he’s starting to suspect that they all suck.

David says:

You guys need to start reporting on the failures of Verizon’s DVR service.

I am on my 5th (yes 5) set-top box. Finally after taking your suggestion, I sent a letter to the president of Verizon. Their executive cust service person called me and acknowledged tons of problems and said that they are planning a software/firmware update, but it wont fix many of the current problems:

The 1st Gen box doesn’t erase programs on the box. So the % used fills up and you cannot record more unless you power cycle the unit
The boxes [fail to] record programs
The boxes crash often (3 times during the NY Giant game yesterday)
The remote barely works unless you are 4 feet directly in front of the box

I’ve never had a worse experience. I yearn for a new Tivo.

How about a questionnaire to see if people are as fed up with Verizon as I am. I’m hoping your reporting on it will place more emphasis on fixing the problems and less on advertising that stupid commercial.

Your wish has been granted.

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