Restaurant Calls Rowdy Toddler "Little F***er" On Family's Receipt

Did you think that a restaurant using the code “bogo bitches” to refer to coupon-using customers was bad? Well, a Cactus Joe’s restaurant in England can top that. A new menu item called ‘Thankyyou littell f***er'” appeared on a family’s receipt after their child acted up during a long wait for food.

According to the child’s mother,

[S]omehow they still managed to take that long to serve us and after about 20 minutes, Molly started to get restless and a bit impatient.

‘She wanted to get up and walk around but we wouldn’t let her so she had a little tantrum.

‘When we asked for the bill there was another long wait so I went up to pay at the counter and that is when I saw the swear word on the bill.

‘I couldn’t believe it. The woman looked really embarrassed and the manager apologised but I could still see people whispering and sniggering.

‘It’s out of order.’

We can’t help but wonder what the logic was here. A passive-aggressive note that employees thought the family wouldn’t see until after leaving? A staff member taking out frustration with a customer’s misbehaving child with what he or she thought was a behind-the-scenes note? Whatever the case, if you’re going to insult customers, at least take the time to do it with proper spelling and grammar.

The family turned down the restaurant’s offer of a free meal. The employee responsible has been fired.

‘Thanks, you little f*****’: Family horrified after restaurant bill makes clear what waiters thought of Molly, two [Daily Mail]

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(Photo: Daily Mail)