Personal Finance Roundup

How to Respond to Every Job Offer You Receive [Free Money Finance] “No matter the industry you’re in, no matter the firm you’re going to work for, and no matter the job offer you receive, there are five standard parts of what to say when you are offered a new job.”
How to Tell if You’re on Track for Retirement [Wise Bread] “how do we know if we’ve saved enough for our retirement years?”
Fabulous Freebies 2009 [Kiplinger] “Our third annual list of our favorite freebies.”
The Best Ways to Boost Your Retirement [Get Rich Slowly] “A little effort now should make for a lifetime of security and peace of mind.”
Buying Property for Your College Student: 7 Considerations [US News] “Here are seven things to consider before buying property to house your college student.”

FREE MONEY FINANCE (Photo: jaredrubinsky)

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