Delta Doesn't Even Have A Customer Service Number Anymore

Are you unhappy with your recent experience with Delta airlines? Would you like to talk to someone about it? Using a telephone? Too bad. Delta doesn’t even have a dedicated customer service phone number anymore. If you want to talk to them, like Time’s Richard Zoglin did, you will have to call their corporate headquarters on an unpublicized number. You will then be told that they don’t accept customer complaints by telephone and be sent back to the website.

From TIME:

A Delta spokeswoman seemed perplexed by the whole question. First she said simply, “We direct customers to our e-mail.” After more checking, she reported that Delta does have a customer-care option on its toll-free number. When I couldn’t find it, she checked once more and clarified: the customer-care line is found on Delta’s main corporate phone number – but that number is not publicized and “it is not suggested” that customers call it. A representative at that number said they do not take customer complaints and directed me to the website.

We find that Google Finance is an excellent tool for escaping these sorts of circular traps.

The Airlines’ Customer-Complaint Lines: No Answer [TIME]

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