Vandals Stick It To Business That Cheat On Credit Card Rules

When businesses sign up to allow credit card use, they sign merchant agreements that say they won’t force customers make minimum purchases or, in some states, charge additional fees to credit card customers. As we’ve reported before, businesses don’t always hold up their end of the agreement.

Enter Merchantfraud, a group of well-intentioned but foolish outlaws who advocate having customers ask them for stickers identifying the companies as violators, then sticking them on offenders’ storefronts. We agree that credit card minimums are annoying — but the words “fraud” and “theft” miiiight be a bit much.

If you’re upset about a credit card minimum, why not just report it to Visa or whatever other companies the business is using.

Merchantfraud [Merchantfraud]
(Photo: Merchantfraud)
(Thanks, Martin!)

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