Woman Caught Trying To Steal Beer Between Legs

A 42-year-old Louisiana woman was caught slipping a case of beer underneath her dress, then trying to mosey out of the store as if there was nothing going on.

From the St. Petersburg Times’ wire-culled police reports column:

Police in Zachary, La., saw it on the store’s video, and when they picked her up, she didn’t deny it. In fact, she offered to show police how she did it. “I told her, no thanks, I wasn’t into that,” said Capt. David McDavid. He didn’t deny he was a little impressed, though. “We weighed a case. It was 20 pounds.”

Impressive, indeed. While not a smart thing to try, the theft attempt couldn’t have been easy to pull off. It’s a shame such talent went to waste on criminal triviality.

Does this case of beer make my thighs look fat? [St. Petersburg Times]
(Photo: Lisa Pisa)
(Thanks, GitEmSteveDave!)

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