Grocery Shrink Ray Gives Softsoap Some Slimming New Curves

Putting elegant curves on your packaging doesn’t just make a bottle of hand soap look nice on the side of your sink. It also lets you drastically reduce the amount of product that you sell in a container that looks approximately the same size.

Dan says:

I recently bought a replacement for the soap in my bathroom. It is the same brand and scent. My old soap, pictured on the left, contains 11.25 ounces. The new container on the right, while smaller and more stylish, contains only 8.5 ounces. While the prices have changed little at least I will now have a more attractive sink…. at least as soon as I finish the first one.

Now, we don’t want to accuse the good people at Softsoap of making their bottles easily shrinkable by design, but it is an awfully handy feature. The new bottle is, at least, pretty aerodynamic. Maybe Dan should keep the one he finds more aesthetically pleasing… and buy refills? (Thanks Dan!)

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