Saving Money Is Better Than Sex

Enterprising personal finance blogger J. Money analyzes a survey by two money-saving websites that finds most people would rather save $50 a week (57 percent) than drop down to the next lowest clothing size (31 percent) or have more sex (6 percent).

Money comments:

Wow. I wonder how often these pollsters were getting it to begin with? If you’re already going at it 4 times a week, then yeah I’d be fine with 1 less jump in the bed for $50 each week. But If it meant going from 1-2 times a week to 1 or zero, then I’ma have to pass on that one. Money is great, but the female species is better. You wouldn’t choose millions of dollars over the opposite sex on a deserted island would you?

The losing weight part I’m not as familiar with as I’m pretty damn skinny. I guess it’s another variable that would be interesting to see among the respondents. If most were overweight I bet the answers would be more skewed.

The poll, by and, was far from scientific, surveying 5,250 females and only 627 males, and seemingly skewed toward people obsessed with saving money. So we’ll conduct an totally scientific poll of our own in the comments: What would you rather do? Save $50 a week, have more sex or drop a clothing size? I gotta say I’d take the $50.

Saving Money Trumps Sex? [Budgets Are Sexy]
(Photo: Hesweptlime)

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