Verizon Customer Says She's Bombarded By Robo-Texts

It’s bad enough when friends and acquaintances bombard you with text messages, but at least most humans can be reasoned with. Monica, on the other hand, says she’s being hassled by a robot who sends here 20 texts a day, and that Verizon has been slow to jump to her aid.

She writes:

I need to vent about this issue I am having with Verizon that I’m SURE at least a few of your readers have had the same problem.

The year was 2009, the date, August 15 — I decided to finally upgrade my Vzw Dare phone to a Blackberry Tour- its new, fast, shiny, oooh. On my way home from buying and activating it, it was still all shiny and fresh I get this super random text. This text, little did I know, would soon become the bane of my very existence.

The text is coming from number: 118012222269 (count the digits, its too many!) and the text reads ” //BREW:0104F4BC:OZMAILCI=D4FB0CD4BD32249DD09ADDB44131923B MC=2 To stop these messages simply reply to this one (charge may apply)”

Last time I checked this wasn’t District 9 and I do not speak!!! I naturally tried responding, sending STOP, UNSUSCRIBE, blank texts, expletives and nothing. The text’s keep coming, 20 a day! A quick google search told me that other people were having this problem and to call Verizon and they will take care of it. I am going on my fifth phone call, well into the 2nd hour of talking to these people and explaining the story over and over and they have no idea! The tech I just talked to told me to forward him the message and that they are ‘aware’ of the problem but don’t have the ‘resources to fix it so they have to get their network involved.’ Ummm, excuse me. Really? Because I thought that when I called the Verizon wireless Blackberry Technical Support number I was contacting my NETWORK! They have disconnected my blackberry twice, reconnected my Dare, I’ve done everything and yet they can’t figure it out!

The moral of the story is that now I have an OPEN TROUBLE TICKET and my issue may not be resolved until 5 days!!! At that point I will be on day 15 of 20 texts a day from some robotexter, I am beyond aggravated right now. That’s 300 texts! I have been with VZW since 1999! That is 10 years, they were Primeco back then, I pay at least $100 a month to get sh*tty technical support and super rude customer service!? Awesome!

Maybe the robot is just starved for attention and wants someone to exchange sweet nothings with. In any case, it’s a shame Verizon can’t stop the harassment sooner.

(Photo: sfxeric)

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