Comcast Won't Let Me Watch Cartoons!

According to reader Chris, Comcast in South Florida has been cutting into TV programming with commercials, preventing viewers from watching various kinds of shows. Reader Chris H. writes:

Yesterday my kid brother told me that a commercial had started in the middle of a cartoon (not a normal commercial break) and when the commercial finished, the cartoon ending credits were playing. I figured it was just a glitch in their system, then I witnessed it for myself. Right after a standard commercial break, the show I was watching resumed and not even 2 minutes into it, a commercial for a local pizzeria had started playing, followed by local car dealership commercials, and by the time they were done i had missed a good chunk of the show.

Chris said that it happens with network TV commercials as well.

If you’re a Comcast customer and have this problem, we’d encourage you to call Comcast directly and complain. You can even reach them on Twitter (@comcastcares). You may also want to contact the advertisers, who probably aren’t aware of what’s happening and should be concerned about angering the people they are paying to reach.

Anyone else in South Florida have this problem?

(Photo: someToast)

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