Microsoft Favors Braun Over Brains In Store Employees

Thinking about going for a job at one of those snazzy new Microsoft Stores? Time to stock up on the Creatine and start pumping iron, because Microsoft will need you to be able to lift 75 pounds. That’s like two Paris Hiltons!

HotHardware is all over this one:

A Microsoft employee in the U.K. first noticed this requirement, and then TechFlash dug further and found that store managers need only be able to lift 50 pounds. Retail technical advisors also have the 75 pound requirement, while retail trainers have the lower, 50 pound requirement.

It might be worth noting that “Microsoft technology knowledge” is merely a “plus” in getting the job for associates and store managers are told only that “previous experience working with and selling technology” is “preferred.”

Sorta makes you wonder exactly what Microsoft plans on selling in its stores. Ten-packs of Xbox 360s? Slabs of drywall? Anvils? Whatever the hefty wares may be, at least the burly employees will be able to carry them out to the car for you. Just don’t expect them to be able to explain how the stuff works.

Microsoft To Prospective Employees: Get In Shape [HotHardware]
(Photo: carlylutzmann)
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