Burgerville Chain Adds Calorie Counts To Receipts

We’ve heard about fast food restaurants posting calorie counts on menus, but a small regional chain in the Northwest is experimenting with putting nutritional information on receipts.

At a Burgerville in Portland, Oregon, customers get calorie counts that fit the details of their orders.

“Guests order and ask for different things: different buns, different cheeses, different sauces, different everything,” said Jeff Harvey, president and CEO for Burgerville. “So to put a label on the menu is not going resolve that challenge.”

But if the calorie info only appears on the receipt, isn’t it too late? Under this plan, the only way to find out how many calories you’d save by ordering a fruit smoothie instead of a shake is to buy both.

To its credit, Burgerville is also planning a bicycle drive-through program. So by encouraging cycling, they’re allowing customers to consume more calories than they otherwise would. Everyone wins!

Burgerville: Get your calorie bill here [KATU.com] (Thanks to Hillary Gibson!)
Burgerville Opens Drive-Thrus to Bikes

(Photo: Brynt D. Payne)

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