Personal Finance Roundup

6 Tips for Discounts on Theater Tickets [Smart Money] “Here’s how to pay less to see a show.”
6 Money Lessons of the Great Recession [US News] “Let’s think a bit about how we’ve responded to the big problems that began emerging in 2006 and 2007. What are some of the clear money lessons we’ve learned?”
Volt vs. Prius: What’s the better deal? [CNN Money] “It’ll take higher gas prices, or a big subsidy from GM, for the new plug-in Volt to be cheaper to drive than the Toyota.”
The Expense of Eating With Celiac Disease [NY Times] “Gluten-free versions of products like bread, pizza and crackers are nearly three times as expensive as regular products.”
Household Cleaning Hacks that Save You Money [Wise Bread] “Here is an assortment of ways to get more bang for your cleaning buck and efforts.”

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