Coming Soon – Cash For Clunkers: Home Appliance Edition

Now that it’s ending, you thought you were done hearing about the Cash for Clunkers program, didn’t you? Not yet. Coming soon will be a state-administered, federally-funded program providing rebates to consumers who buy Energy Star appliances. Check out Consumer Reports for a preview.

As a part of the Obama Administration’s economic stimulus bill to encourage the purchase of energy-efficient appliances, the $300 million appliance-rebate program will soon dole out amounts that could reach $200 if you buy Energy Star-qualified models. Appliances that qualify for the Star should use roughly 10 to 25 percent less energy than the maximum allowed for that category by the Department of Energy, which monitors the Energy Star program.

Unlike the Cash for Clunkers car program, you won’t have to turn in your old appliance to get the rebate. But states are expected to have recycling plans for the flood of old appliances the program could unleash. And while the money is coming from Washington, how much you get for which appliance will be a state-by-state decision.

Cash for Clunkers moves to appliances: money back for your old Kelvinator? [Consumer Reports Home & Garden]

(Photo: Dan4th)