Redbox Sues Warner Bros. And Asks For Help From Consumers

Concerned that rentals are hacking into DVD sales profits, Warner Bros. has restricted rental companies such as Redbox and Neftlix from offering its movies until 28 days after movies hit retail shelves.

Striking back, Redbox is suing Warner Bros., Deadline Hollywood Daily’s Nikki Finke reports. Redbox is also calling on its customer base for help, in an attempt to win the battle of public opinion.

There’s no doubt that access to $1 rentals is a benefit for consumers, but it seems as though Warner Bros. has a right to sell its products any way it likes. What do you think, Consumerists?

Redbox Now Trying To Enlist Consumers In PR War Against Hollywood Studios Cartel [Deadline Hollywood Daily]
(Photo: phototaker)

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