Man Tries To Sell Tarted Up Oven Door As $100 HDTV

This $100 flat-screen TV this random dude is selling out of his car in a Walmart parking lot is a steal! Specifically, he is stealing your money by substituting a sticker-covered oven door for a TV.

We have to give this guy credit for going the extra mile and trying to make a realistic decoy-the report says he even included cables in the box-but we wonder if the materials, effort, and risk are really worth $100. If they were HDMI cables from a big box retailer, probably not.

We were going to use this story as a reminder to readers to not buy electronics from the back of a car or van, lest you end up with a box of junk. Then we remembered where most of these stories occur.

37-inch flat screen TV for $100 is really an oven door [The Oakland Tribune]

Thanks, dk!

UPDATE: As a commenter points out, the man was arrested for driving with a suspended license, not for trying to commit fraud. The police did confiscate his oven door/TV, though.

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