Man 'Makes It Rain' On L.A. Freeway, Causes Traffic Jam

Who says you’ve got to be an enfant terrible pro athlete to make it rain? A plain old 56-year-old man Los Angeles authorities describe as “disturbed” took it upon himself to send dollar bills a-soaring on L.A.’s westbound 210 Sunday as he drove down the freeway.

Understandably, the flying cash caused a traffic jam. Since every square mile of L.A. freeway is constantly stuck in gridlock, the holdup was nothing new for Angeleno drivers. But at least for once they got a chance to step out of their cars to recover some of the funds they were burning up in their gas tanks.

The L.A. Times reports:

Los Angeles County fire officials took the man to a hospital for further evaluation, Hunt said. It was unknown how much money the man threw away. Those who stopped to pick up the bills were asked to return the money to Azusa police or to the CHP’s Baldwin Park office.

I’m sure everyone who was crazy/greedy enough to leave their cars to collect free freeway cash got right on that directive to turn it into the cops.

Money thrown onto freeway jams traffic as people stop to collect cash [Los Angeles Times]
(Photo: darkmatter)

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