Personal Finance Roundup

How to Find a Better Job in a Murky Job Market [Smart Money] “Here are seven tips to finding a better job during the downturn.”
How to Handle Your Aging Parents’ Finances [US News] “Five tips on planning Mom and Dad’s financial future.”
Negotiating a Good Salary at a New Job [Wall Street Journal] “How can you [maximize your salary] when the employer has the upper hand and hundreds of qualified candidates?”
Freezer and Fridge Hacks: Seven Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Refrigerator and Freezer [The Simple Dollar] “Here are a few simple techniques to overcome and reduce these costs with surprisingly little effort.”
Be your own landscaper [CNN Money] “These dirt-cheap landscaping tricks will spruce up your yard now – and keep it looking good next year too.”

FREE MONEY FINANCE (Photo: Lisa Brewster)

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