Three Ways To Use Google Voice On Your iPhone

Apple may not feel like you’re ready to take advantage of Google Voice, but luckily Jobs and his legion can’t lock you out of every potential way to access the service. (Yet.) Here are three paths to GV you can use today, no permission needed from the Applelord.

UPDATE: Our reader sumocat figured out that you can do the same thing that we suggest in #1 below without needing to install the Card Caller app at all. See this comment below for how to do it.

1. Set up Card Caller to dial using GV

This free app is designed to let you manage calling cards, what with their long access numbers and PINs and button pushing requirements. That means it also work with Google Voice—you simply set up a “card” that dials your GV number, include your PIN if you’ve got one (see here for PIN details if this sounds new to you), and customize the dialing pauses. Making a call this way is slooowwwww, but because it’s an app it pulls in your contact list to make things slightly easier.

This guy has put together a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up Card Caller on your iDevice.

(Thanks to Fidel!)

2. Create speed-dial bookmarks for your contacts

The smart and funny photographer David Friedman at Ironic Sans—a blog you should already be following just for its entertainment factor—figured out a way to go through your contacts list and generate a series of bookmarks, one for each phone number, that you can store in a subdirectory in your iPhone’s Safari bookmarks. One of his readers one-upped him with a Python script that makes it even easier, provided you know how to use a Python script. (Don’t worry, the script comes with instructions and is quite easy for newbies to use as long as you’re on a Mac.)

“The Google Voice Speed Dial Bookmarklet Generator” [Ironic Sans]

3. Just visit the mobile version of the site on your phone

(Photo: leoncillo)

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