Black Blogger Alliance Hits Talk Show Host Where It Hurts

After Glen Beck called Barack Obama a “racist” who “has a deep-seated hatred for white people” on a Fox News show, a coalition of black bloggers went after the controversial talk show host, causing Procter & Gamble and other advertisers to pull ads from Beck’s talk show, Mediabistro’s TV Newser reports.

The Examiner wrote that an orchestrated campaign resulted in 100,000 complaints to Fox News execs.

TV Newser writes that the advertising pulls aren’t effecting the network’s bottom line:

A Fox News spokesperson told TVNewser that the advertisers simply moved their spots from Beck to other programs on the network, “so there has been no revenue lost.”

What do you think, Consumerists? Is this an inspiring, power-to-the-people tale, a frightening display of free speech being crushed, or both? The way I see it, Beck has the right to say whatever he wants but so do his political enemies and advertisers.

Glenn Beck loses advertising because of black blogs complaints : is Rush Limbaugh next? [Examiner]
(Photo: phototaker)

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