Reserving A Game At Target Apparently Doesn't Mean You'll Get It Day One

Back in April, Target announced an appealing if confusing reserve program that nets gamers a $5 gift card if they buy a game they reserved in advance by paying for a $1 reserve card — netting a $4 savings since the $1 doesn’t go toward the full price of the game.

Joseph in Memphis reserved a game through the program and got his gift card, but feels lucky he got his game the day it was released because his Target didn’t set a copy aside for him:

He writes:

I bought my “reserved” copy of Wii Sports Resort last night at Target (the day after it came out), but the staff did not understand the concept of reservations. The reservation card costs a dollar, and when you pick the game up there’s a $5 gift certificate that comes with it. I’m supposed to have 7 days to pick it up, however, none were “behind the counter” like the card says. Luckily there were 2 copies left on the shelf, but I’m not sure what options I would’ve had if they had sold out. They even said I couldn’t have bought the reservation card a month ago, because “the game wasn’t out yet”. Genius.

Since Joseph did get his game, and the internet doesn’t show signs of any consumers complaining about not being able to get their games immediately, it seems as though Target’s non-reserve reserve policy — if the Memphis location’s practices are standard — seems to be working out. Just to be on the safe side, if you reserve a game there, you’d be wise to pick it up quick.