Starbucks Barista Offers Advice To CEO Howard Schultz

Sun Min Kimes, a behind-the-counter barista at a Starbucks in Ashburn, Virginia has written a guest post on the Fortune magazine blog “Postcards” that offers advice for the CEO of her company, Howard Schultz. Starbucks has been going through some lean times lately, and are trying everything from removing their branding from their coffee shops to… well… making their employees put a Mr. Potato Head toy together over and over again.

Here are Ms. Kimes’ suggestions:

I’ve heard that, in Seattle, you’re creating new “stealth coffee shops,” called 15th Avenue stores, without the Starbucks brand. Customers will see through this. Instead, why not empower–and incentivize–managers to appeal to their communities by sourcing food, music, and artwork from locals while sustaining our brand?

A few more suggestions: During the morning hours at busy stores, I think many of our customers would appreciate it if a single register were designated for drip coffee. And regarding new products: I just don’t think the company is successful in creating excitement. We’re told to provide samples, but I rarely see them in stores.

All I can say about that is: hell yes, express line, please.

Guest Post: Advice to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz [Fortune via Starbucks Gossip]