Personal Finance Roundup

Are You Paid Well? Three Sites That Tell [Smart Money] “Three Web sites that provide compensation data to see if they offer useful intelligence.”
Best back-to-school laptops [CNN Money] “Find the right computer for your collegian.”
7 tips for selling your home to family [Bankrate] “If you want to sell to kin, here’s what you should know to accomplish it quickly and cheaply.”
5 Ways to Prepare for an Unplanned Retirement [US News] “Too often, carefully planned retirements are derailed when people find themselves pushed out of the workforce.”
The price of Wal-Mart coming to town [MSN Money] “When the retail giant moves in, it promises cheaper goods, more jobs and more tax revenue. And in the short term, it delivers. But the initial boost hides later losses.”

FREE MONEY FINANCE (Photo: Johnny Vulkan)

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